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BVB November 22, 2022
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Bonaire is a beautiful island, with crystal clear waters and bright beaches. It has many of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean, so it is no wonder that it attracts many visitors from around world. Read our list of the best Bonaire beaches for some recommendations.

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Best beaches Bonaire

  • Pink Beach Bonaire
  • Sorobon Beach Bonaire
  • Chogogo Beach Bonaire
  • Te Amo Beach Bonaire
  • No Name Beach Bonaire

Pink Beach Bonaire

Pink Beach is located on the southwest coast of Bonaire, ten kilometers southwest of Kralendijk, the capital city of the Dutch diving island. Kite Beach is on the south side of Pink Beach, and Bachelor’s Beach is north.

Once Pink Beach was colored pink. The sand was made of crushed and pulverized shells from foraminifera, single-celled organisms with an external skeleton of calcium carbonate. But in November 1999, Hurricane Lenny left a trail of destruction on Bonaire, including much damage at Pink Beach. From that moment on, the enchanting pink glow disappeared and the beach became much narrower. It has a length of 1.5 kilometers and today consists mainly of fossilized coral and hard stones. Several swaying palm trees provide a tropical atmosphere and pleasant shade on the beach’s narrow strip of sand.

Sorobon Beach Bonaire

Located on the southeast coast of Bonaire, eight kilometers southeast of the historic center of Kralendijk, Sorobon Beach is one of two beaches in Lac Bay; a dazzling lagoon 700 acres in size. The other beach is called Lac Cai Beach; it is situated on the northeast side of the lagoon.

Sorobon Beach is the island’s most beautiful beach. It’s a Caribbean standout, with its snow-white sand, swaying coconut trees, and crystal blue waters. The windsurfers on Sorobon Beach are a colorful blur against the deep blue sea; when you look out from one of the beachside restaurants, you can’t help but feel like you’re in paradise.

Chogogo Beach

Chogogo Beach, located on Bonaire’s midwest side, is less than one kilometer from Kralendijk’s center. Flamingo Airport Bonaire is six kilometers from the beach. Opposite Chogogo Beach lies Klein Bonaire. The name Chogogo Beach refers to the typical nasal sound that Caribbean flamingos make: ‘cho-go-go’ ‘cho-go-go’. With its pink feathers and long legs, the Caribbean flamingo is the island’s icon; its image appears everywhere.

Chogogo Beach is a stretch of fine white sand that is long and wide. Palm trees planted here and there provide the ultimate tropical atmosphere and create pleasant shaded areas. Chocogo is now known as a TUI Hotel.

Te Amo Beach

Te Amo is a beach on the midwest coast of Bonaire. It is also known by two other names: Te Amo Beach and Te Amo Beach. “Te amo” is Spanish for “I love you.” South of Te Amo is Playa Palu di Mangel, and Te Amo is also close to Bonaire’s international airport; Flamingo Airport.

Te Amo on Bonaire is one of the island’s few sandy beaches, and as a result it is very popular among beach lovers. Other well-known sandy beaches on the Leeward Island are No Name Beach at Klein Bonaire and Sorobon Beach at Lac Bay.

No Name Beach

No Name Beach is a stunningly beautiful beach on the north side of Klein Bonaire. To the west of No Name Beach is dive spot Sampler and to the east is Ebo’s Reef. Klein Bonaire is just over 800 meters away from Bonaire.

No Name Beach is Bonaire’s most beautiful sandy beach. Waves of the azure-colored Caribbean Sea gently wash onto the snow-white powdery sand, which feels wonderful and invites you to take a walk barefoot or sunbathe in it. Beautiful green trees and plants grow on the outer edges, providing shade from the tropical sun.

Best Beaches Bonaire

Best snorkeling beaches in bonaire

Does Bonaire have good beaches?

Bonaire and Klein Bonaire, two islands in the Caribbean Sea off the coast of Venezuela, offer 22 beaches, most with crushed shells and corals but some of them are soft and have cool sand and beautiful views of the sea. Beyond the beach you can explore coral reefs teeming with colorful marine life.

Are there any sandy beaches in Bonaire?

Some beaches are covered in soft, bright-white sand and others with more crushed shells and corals, making the sand darker and more coarse. Sorobon Beach, Te Amo beach and No Name beach are the most beautiful beaches on Bonaire with soft sand.

Does Bonaire have white sand beaches?

The beaches “Sorobon”, “Te Amo Beach” and “No Name Beach” are beautifully white, is pristine, and the water is crystal clear.

Can you walk to a beach from the port in Bonaire?

The western side of Bonaire has most of the island’s beaches, which are not within walking distance of the port of Bonaire. Visitors will need to get there via taxi or rental car or on an excursion bus.

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