Best Restaurants on Bonaire | Top 10

BVB November 23, 2022
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Bonaire is well known because of the very good quality of the restaurants. Near Beach Villa Bonaire you will find two of the best restaurants of Bonaire: Sebastians and Joe’s Restaurant.┬áBesides those 2 restaurants there are many other high quality restaurants on Bonaire. Below you will find our top 10 best restaurants of Bonaire.

Best restaurants Bonaire

Best restaurants Bonaire

  • Bras Boer (From top chefs Jonnie & Therese Boer)
  • Sebastians (near Beach Villa Bonaire)
  • Joe’s Restaurant (near Beach Villa Bonaire)
  • Osaka Sushi (Best Sushi restaurant on Bonaire)
  • Rain’s Fishes (Best fish restaurant on Bonaire)
  • Mezze (Middle Eastern food)
  • Capriccio (Very good Italian food)
  • Chefs (High quality food)
  • La Cantina (Cozy garden with good food)
  • Patagonia (Very good steak restaurant)

Besides our top 10 best restaurants on Bonaire there are many more. Think about Oscars (harbor restaurant), Ingredients (At Buddy Dive resort), Cuba Compagnie (Thursday Salsa night) and many more.

Do you stay at Beach Villa Bonaire? Ask our property manager to make a reservation at you favorite restaurant.


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